The first women’s police station in tribal history in Kurram District


For the first time in the history of the tribal districts, a Women Police Reporting Center was inaugurated in Kurram District. The tribal women also expressed happiness over the establishment of the center and hoped that they would be given more rights. The inauguration was done by DPO Muhammad Qureshi. The inauguration was attended by elders of Kurram district and leaders of political and religious parties.

Addressing on the occasion, DPO Muhammad Qureshi said that after activating the police force in the tribal districts, a women’s police reporting center has been set up for the first time to address the problems and deprivations of tribal women.

Women Police Reporting Centre Kurram Police

He said that timely delivery of justice to tribal women would be ensured through this center. He said that Parachinar Women Police Reporting Center is the first center in tribal history, after which Women Police Reporting Centers will also be set up in Sadda and Central Kurram. He said that 14 women officers have been posted in this center while 50 lady constables will be recruited at the level of Kurram district.

The women from the tribal districts have appreciated the initiative and said that with the establishment of this center, women will now be able to register their grievances without any hesitation and there is hope that they will get their rights.

Tara Orakzai, from Bagan in Kurram District, talking with media person that it has benefited women so much that they can now go to the Police Women’s Center and express their concerns independently. He said, “Now a woman will be able to state her problem correctly because she will speak for herself. No one will go and write a report because the other person could not report it correctly. If there are women, then women will be able to go there without any hesitation and fear.

Tara Orakzai said that with this, women can now stand up for their rights on their own and if, God willing, an accident happens to them or they commit any atrocity, they can report it while she herself is very happy with the establishment of this center. He also said that it was a source of employment for tribal girls as more girls wanted to join the police force. He said that this center is a good start with which women have got the right to go to court and thus they will now start getting the rest of their rights.

Naila Altaf, a social worker from Kurram, said it was a good move. He said that after the amalgamation of the tribal districts, the people of these areas were given access to the courts, the Khasadar force was integrated into the police and a lot of reforms were made but due to the customs and culture there, women Was not benefiting because women could not come to men with their problems, so now that it has become a center where the staff is also women, women’s problems will also begin to be solved.

Naila Altaf said, “It often happens that if there is no man in a house, then the woman of that house has to do all the chores on her own. Maybe some women are reluctant to talk to men, so this center will provide relief to these women.

Mahrukh Jabeen, a resident of Kurram District who is a journalist by profession, told TNN that this will solve many problems of women so that they can now take their grievances to the police and other concerned authorities in a timely manner. He hopes that this will also reduce the oppression of women. He said such centers should be set up in other districts of the tribal areas as well, giving tribal women all the rights that the rest of the country has.

According to DPO Muhammad Qureshi, three women police personnel will be on duty at Harshift in Women’s Center Police Para Chinar while the center has been provided with washrooms, drinking water, children’s play area and other facilities. He said that a second women’s police center would be set up in Sadda. The people of Kurram district have also expressed happiness over the establishment of Women Police Center.


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