Rising cases of Corona, a major decision of the government of Pakistan to protect the people

Imran Khan 3

ISLAMABAD: The government has decided to intensify the campaign to implement SOPs in the country to protect the public in view of the fast growing cases of Corona.

According to details, the government has decided to take strict measures in view of the rapidly growing cases of Corona and said that the campaign to implement SOPs in the country will be intensified.

Officials say the implementation of SOPs is the only way to stop the spread of corona, for which industrial areas, markets and transport will be restricted.

Special teams have been formed in all the provinces to ensure implementation of SOPs announced by the government. These teams will ensure implementation of SOPs and impose fines on SOPs in case of violation.

It may be recalled that the option of tightening the lockdown was considered in a high-level meeting chaired by Prime Minister Imran Khan yesterday and it was decided that first the people should be released from Corona, adherence to the Code of Ethics will be encouraged.

It was said in the meeting that the people would be urged to implement SOPs through the political leadership. The political leadership of the four provinces, Azad Kashmir and GB would urge the implementation of SOPs.

It was decided at the high-level meeting that if the SOPs were not implemented, the toll down would be tightened.

It should be noted that two days ago, in an important meeting of the National Coordination Committee chaired by Prime Minister Imran Khan, it was decided to lock down two days a week.

Talking to the media about the decisions of the meeting and future strategy, Prime Minister Imran Khan had taken the nation into confidence and said that from the first day I was saying that our situation is different, there are many people in Pakistan who can’t eat the  food twice a day. People with money were making noise for lock down, on the other hand, there were poor people who earn and eat every day.

The Prime Minister said that the corona virus spreads very fast, only lockdown was to stop the increase in corona cases, lockdown slows down the spread of corona, the effort was to prevent a small number of corona cases, the purpose of the lockdown was to not put pressure on hospitals.


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