PTA brings great good news to mobile phone users

PTA brings great good news to mobile phone users
PTA brings great good news to mobile phone users

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA) has announced further extension of mobile registration period.

A statement issued by the Pakistan Telecommunications Authority said that after the extension of mobile registration, it can now be done till June 3, after the stipulated date, all unverified mobiles will be blocked.

A statement issued by Pakistan Telecommunication said that the extension of the date of unverified mobile registration was done in view of the current situation of Corona virus so that the people could maintain social distance and be safe from the epidemic.

According to the PTA, blocking of unverified mobiles will start from June 4, before which the user will also be notified via SMS.

According to Pakistani rules, all mobiles that are used on local connections are given 60 days after activating the device. It is usable if the user registers his mobile within 60 days and if it is not, it is blocked.

How to do mobile registration at home

PTA has introduced a mobile app called DIRBS to check mobile registration while the service is also available on the website. In addition, users who cannot use the internet can also register by dialing # 8484 * from their mobile.


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