Ertugrul’s Halima announces to come to Pakistan


Halima Khan, the character of Turkish drama Ertugrul, thanked for the love she received from Pakistan and announced to come to Pakistan soon.

Turkish actress Asri Beljik, who played Halima in Ertugrul, released her video message to thank Pakistanis for their love.

The actress said that Pakistan is my second home, the love I received from you people gave me new impetus, I will visit Pakistan soon. In addition, actor Doan Elp, who became Ertugrul’s partner in the play, also announced his arrival in Pakistan.

In his Instagram post, Isra wrote: Thanks for appreciating the role, I am eager to meet all of you when Karuna’s time is up soon.

It is to be noted that the Turkish drama “Derelish Ertugrul” is very popular in Pakistan these days. The roles of Ertugrul and Halima Sultan in the play have been well received.

It may be recalled that the Ertugrul drama is being aired on state TV with Urdu dubbing on the instructions of Prime Minister Imran Khan. The story of this play revolves around the brave Qai Sardar Ertugrul Ghazi, who gave rise to the Muslims in the thirteenth century, who paved the way for the establishment of the great Ottoman Empire which ruled for six hundred years.


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