Chartoi Fairy Gate a famous myth about fairies and their fort (Paristan)


Village Gupis District Ghizer Gilgit Baltistan
Chartoi Fairy Gate a famous myth about fairies and their fort (Paristan)

At ancient times people believed that an elderly fairy_woman (Mother of Paristan) was used to live inside the fort and the door used to open on each Friday.

People were hearing a horrible sound when the gate was opening. Several stories are associated with this gate. Local people were not allowed to sow onion and garlic at their kitchen garden as they believe, it was not liked by the fairy mother even dress in red color was not worn by women especially the youth one.

When a girl was getting merry she has to sacrifice a hen in-front of the gate while passing by it which is still continue as it was. Similarly, teenager boys and girls mostly girls have sometimes company of these fairies and are going through psychological and mental disturbances even get unconscious, some skillful people (khalifas)who have the basic knowledge from the holy Quran to get rid of these spirits.

Local elderly women have strong believes on the myth however the new generation do not follow the superstitious believes and practice all the prohibited actions and restrictions. Below is fresh pic of the gate.



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