India’s stubbornness hampered proceedings of Mumbai attacks case: Nisar

Mumbai attacks

LAHORE: Former interior minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan on Sunday said the Indian government’s stubbornness and indifferent attitude hampered proceedings of Mumbai attacks trial from reaching its conclusion, ARY News reported.

“I am fully cognizant of the complete phases of the Mumbai attacks case. Pakistan did not cause any delay in that case,” he said, during a press conference in Lahore, in an attempt to elucidate former prime minister Nawaz Sharif’s statement on Mumbai attacks.

In an interview with a local daily on Friday, Nawaz Sharif had criticised the ostensible delay in the conclusion of the Mumbai attacks trial.

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“Militant organisations are active. Call them non-state actors, should we allow them to cross the border and kill 150 people in Mumbai? Explain it to me. Why can’t we complete the trial?” Sharif had asked in the interview,” he had said.

The ex-interior minister said India manipulated the incident to malign Pakistan. Since the incident took place in India, so 90 percent of the evidences were in India who was evading sharing evidences with the investigation agencies of Pakistan, he added.

“India is not even ready to cooperate with our investigation agencies and instead of sharing evidences, it executed the sole evidence of the incident, Ajmal Kasab,” he said adding that the investigators were not even allowed to interrogate the prime accused.

Nisar said Pakistan repeatedly sought cooperation from the Indian government but it always used the incident against Pakistan on political grounds for its despicable plans.

He said India also refused to cooperate on the issue of Research and Analysis Wing’s spy Kulbhushan Yadhav.

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